Play through Mega Man 9 as Proto Man - Trust us, it's better than playing today's new WiiWare games!

First up is the dreadful Midnight Bowling, which was released in the US earlier this week. Not much companies have bothered to make any competition for Wii Sports's bowling minigame yet - This is probably the reason why. Midnight Bowling throws everything Wii Sports did so well control-wise out of the window, replacing it with its own very weird control scheme. We didn't like the US version, and there's no reason the PAL release is any better!

Potpourrii was also released in the US a while ago - In this case, about a month ago. It's a decent little puzzle action game, but we thought it grows stale rather quickly. For some reason the developers have also decided to tack on a needlessly long subtitle to the game - On the Wii Shop, it's listed as "Potpourrii: A delicate mixture of challenge and fun!", which sounds more like something you'd put in the game's description (Although it's really not that challenging or fun).

Thankfully not all is bad this week - Like the US last Monday, you will be able to download some additional content for Mega Man 9 for a small fee later today (Strangely, you can't do so just yet). You can grab Proto Man for 200 Wii Points, or the Endless Mode for 300 Wii Points.

If you were waiting for the likes of Alien Crush Returns and Space Invaders Get Even, sadly you'll have to wait two (Or maybe even more!) weeks!