In Earthworm Jim you take control of Jim, an earthworm who was lucky enough to have a power suit fall on top of him, thus giving him a body and special abilties normal earthworms wouldn't have. The game itself is a very competent platformer/action hybrid, featuring some of the most spectacular Mega Drive graphics and a great soundtrack as well.

Shining Force II is, of course, the sequel to the already available Shining Force. The second game improves on the first in a lot of ways while keeping the same basic gameplay, meaning that it's basically the same, except better. Not just a bit better though - A lot better. This installment is generally regarded as the best in the franchise, so it is a very welcome addition to the VC. If you're a strategy game fan and haven't played Shining Force II now is the time to do so!

Sadly, while we did get two great games, it's all there is this week. Next week is most likely WiiWare week again, so you can look forward to more retro goodness in 2 weeks!