Here fishy, fishy

Euro WiiWare fans got to experience this interesting little ‘game’ not so long ago and we gave it a robust 8/10 review. Before you start throwing sharp objects at us and burning our precious livestock, let it be known that this is one seriously entertaining piece of software. To call it a 'game' is probably pushing it a bit; it’s clearly a pet simulator but what sets it apart from the likes of Nintendogs is the calming atmosphere and ambience. If you’ve had a hard day at work/school/whatever then booting this up is almost guaranteed to sooth away your gripes and grumbles.

Elsewhere on the network, Virtual Console fans can rejoice because the highly anticipated North American release of Super Mario RPG has finally occurred! If for some reason you don’t want that game then there’s also the excellent-named Clu Clu Land.

Till next time, you guys!