Retro Mega Man fun for all the family

Don the party hats and pop the cork on that family-sized bottle of fizzy soda, because the good times are here to stay! Well, at least until you break your Wii Remote in a fit of rage because you’ve died at the exact some point for the tenth time; this is a game that will surely separate the men from the boys. Mega Man 9 weighs in at 1000 Wii points. You probably will not need to wait for our upcoming review before buying this we think!

Today’s other WiiWare release Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint was found wanting when we reviewed the European release last week and in their infinite wisdom the powers that be have decided to put it up against the biggest WiiWare game to date. Interestingly the game has been reduced for the American market to a more reasonable 1000 Wii points which makes this sub-par game feel a bit less extortionate. We can't help feeling that this is a bit of a kick in the teeth for Europeans who bought this at 1500 Wii points last week, but clearly after the poor reviews the writing was on the wall for this shambling mockery. Given that the game is a confusing mess that comes with the added bonus of crippling RSI, we still can’t recommend it, even at the lower price point.

In Virtual Console land the long overdue Vectorman is up for grabs as a bit of an alternative to Mega Man. Europe got this over a year ago so it is good to see it finally hit North America. Technos’s excellent super deformed Super Dodge Ball also makes a surprise appearance today. River City Ransom meets volleyball, sign me up!