The excellent Super Dodge Ball

If you've played the excellent River City Ransom, you'll probably think Super Dodge Ball looks strangely familiar. If you do, you're right, because it's another game in the Kunio series, which all share a similar art style. Strangely, outside Japan, the link between the games was not officially recognized, but it's quite obvious just by looking at it! This particular installment of the series is not a beat 'em up, but rather a dodge ball game. And like RCR, the graphics betray the gameplay - It's not a cute simulation of the sport, as you have to smash the ball into the opponents' faces as hard as you can!

Vectorman was released in Europe waaaaay back in April last year, and was ready to be released in the US (Sega even published a press release announcing its imminent release), but it never appeared! Now, however, you can finally get it. Aside from being quite fun to play, it features a rather unique soundtrack and some spectacular graphics for the Genesis, including some 3D effects.

If you've been paying any attention you'll know what's up on WiiWare this week - Capcom's long-awaited Mega Man 9, and the not-so-awaited Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint, which strangely has been dropped from 1500 points (The European price) to 1000 points! They probably didn't expect it to do well in the US after our review! As you might be aware, you can check out more info at WiiWare World.