Samson and Adon love protein!

Cho Aniki and its sequels have received both a lot of love and a lot of hate over the years. This is because the series' storyline is based mostly on protein and body-building - As such, most of the main characters and enemies are well-built, and usually, half-naked. The first game in the series actually doesn't really feature any of this - Samson and Adon, pictured to the right, aren't even the main characters (They are in every sequel), and the enemies are actually floating chess pieces, trains with faces, samurai robots and other bizarre things. What really made the first game popular was its soundtrack - As it is a CD game you can expect some of the strangest tunes ever heard in a videogame. Haters begone! It will cost you 900 points as it is an import.

Final Soldier is the long-awaited "missing" part of the Star Soldier series. While Super Star Soldier and Soldier Blade (And Blazing Lazers, though it's not officially part of the series) were released released outside Japan, Final Soldier, which was released in the middle in Japan, was not (Nor was Star Parodier, but that's more of a spinoff). Today however, Star Soldier fans in the US can finally enjoy the missing link in the series! It basically offers more of the gameplay found in other installments of the series, but with minor tweaks, such as different weapons. It will cost you 700 Wii Points due to import inflation.

On WiiWare today, you can download Groovin' Blocks, a mysterious rhythm-based puzzler which was only announced 3 days ago! Check out WiiWare World to read up on it - Since the announcement we have conducted an interview with the developer to get a gist of what the game is about.