The studio is apparently founded by a former Nintendo artist, which should grab your attention. Liight appears to be some kind of puzzle game, and the developer is pretty confident that it will find favour with both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Here's some of the blurb from the studio's website:

I’m very excited to finally announce our first game, Liight, for WiiWare!  So... what is it?

Liight is a puzzle solving game where the pieces are colored lights and the goal is to make cool music!  Anyone can play!  Just illuminate all the targets in each puzzle with light of the matching color... but it's not always so easy!  You'll have to mix colors, cast shadows and make the most of your limited resources to solve these brain teasers.  Solve 100 challenging puzzles!  Create your own puzzles, and Share them with your friends via WiiConnect24.  Host a Contest to see who can solve your puzzle the fastest.  If you’re ready, take on Nonstop mode, a whole new way to play where arcade-style scoring meets split-second strategy!

So there you have it!  With Liight, we wanted to hit a halfway point between casual and core games, and I think it's coming out right on the money.  The core puzzle solving gameplay is tight, and everyone who played the prototype had a lot fun.  Anyone really can play it, I showed it on an airplane to a lady who had never played a video game before, and even she was enjoying the easier puzzles.  Thats not to say it's not fun for real gamers though.  Nonstop mode can get pretty hardcore as far as gameplay goes.  I'm looking forward to playing it myself, actually.  You know like, on something other than a dev-kit, where my score actually counts.  

For the record, you can pronounce it anyway you want.  I just say it like "light", but I think "leet" is ok, too.

On a unrelated note, the head of the studio has a kid named Link. Don't believe us? Check this out (taken from the Studio Walljump site):

This is not Walljump related, but I suspect anyone reading this will find it totally awesome just the same.

For starters, you have to know I have a two year old son named Link.  Yeah...  I know, the story is awesome already, right?  So, I took Link to a place around here where you can work and use free wi-fi while your kid plays.  We were eating a snack and I thought I overheard "blah blah blah Ganon" from one of the moms.  I'm thinking to myself... yeah right, thats just what would be awesome to hear.  But then later I heard it again and I was pretty sure she said Ganon.  So I asked.... What did you say your son's name was?  And yeah.  It was Ganon.  So Link and Ganon were playing together today.  Craaaaazay!  Ganon's parents didn't even know about the whole Zelda thing until after they had named him, they said they picked it because it's a cool celtic name...  which is true I guess.  Except that it's also the name of an evil pig-man boss that rules over Hyrule with an iron fist.  Seriously, that didn't come up even once?  Google?

And no, they didn't fight.  But I think its better that way, Link didn't have the master sword with him.