Join the republic of Strong Badia!

There is no news on the European / Australian date yet, technically it should be the 26th September in the next fortnightly WiiWare update unless NoE change their recent pattern.

Following on from Homestar Ruiner, Strong Badia the Free is the second game in the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People series. The King of Town, not too pleased with Strong Bad's recent antics, has decided to institute an e-mail tax, causing Strong Bad to end up under house arrest with an explosive collar around his neck. After using his wits to break out of the house, Strong Bad must attempt to convince various exotic locales, such as Pompomerania, Concessionstan and the Homsar Reservation, to ally with his own Strong Badia (Of which the population is now just one, as even the Tire has abandoned Strong Bad), banding together in order to overthrow the King's tyrannical rule.

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Check out our gallery below for all the latest Strong Bad Episode 2 media. Don't forget that the bowl-shaped puzzler by the name of Potpourrii is also going to be released on Monday in the USA in addition to this!