Haunted Wood Fantasy

The haunted wood is a scary place full of creepy things that gives you a healthy amount of goosebumps. Light is provided only by a few candles that can be blown out all the time by ugly skulls that fly through this fantasy. Try to have at least one candle burning all the time by shooting at them and keep the evil skulls away!

On the Plättchen Field, tombstones block your way to the Plättchen and can only be opened by shooting at them. Sometimes, undead bats live underneath and only wait for the right moment to come out and fly right into your face. Be careful: After a short while, the tomb stones fall over again and may crush your FantasyME with ease! Watch out for the bone hands crawling around, trying to grasp at your FantasyME and pull it down to the abyss.

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Feeling fruity?

Fruity Smile Fantasy

An ocean full of fruit juice, a bunch of delicous bouncing fruits and cute Plättchen – This is the Fruity Smile Fantasy.

Shoot at the fruits that are bouncing and rolling around in this Fantasy and make fruit juice out of them. This fruit juice forms a big blob on your camera and blocks your view for a short time. When you hit a grape, it bursts and releases many small berries that jump around. Protect your FantasyME from the wacky fruits and avoid getting hit!

Each time the bar in your Energy Tube breaks an Energy Level, the Juice Ocean rises to a higher level. Most FantasyMEs can stay underwater just for a short time, so protect them from drowning!

I think I'm turning Japanese!

Japan Fantasy

This beautiful and calm fantasy has no obstacles that can harm you. Seasons change with your Energy Level.

In spring, delicate cherry blossoms greet the warm sunrays.
Summer lets white angel’s feathers come down from the sky.
Autumn is the time of colorful leaves that fall down from the trees.
Winter covers the landscape in a coat of fluffy snowflakes.

Enjoy the atmosphere, experience the harmony of Japan in all four seasons and focus your mind on solving the puzzles.

Do let us know if all this sounds like your idea of a fantasy or a complete nightmare. Also if you want to know anything else about Plättchen, our resident Bplus spokesperson WiiBoy will be only too happy to answer all your questions in our comments area below.