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As if this good news wasn't enough, Capcom has also announced a bit of downloadable content for Mega Man 9 in the form of the Proto Man character. On October 6th, gamers can shell out an additional 200 Wii Points for this new character. Proto Man comes with a host of new game play features including:

  • The ability to slide and charge his shots up
  • Can deflect some bullets with his shield
  • Bullets striking Proto Man push him back twice as far as Mega Man
  • His charge shot is interrupted when he takes a hit
  • No Rush adapters as he has his own set of adapters

While we're not sure how many gamers will want to shell out an additional 200 Wii Points for one character, it's definitely nice to see Capcom at least making it available. Who knows, maybe this will lead to even more Mega Man 9 downloadable content in the future.

We'll have more Mega Man 9 information as it becomes available. We'll also have the full Mega Man 9 review early next week when it's released to the WiiWare service.


Source: Capcom
Source: GoNintendo