The video shows some of the new features the game will have, such as the new weapons - If you ever wanted to actually block the fire from bombs, or use a rocket backpack to go skyward in order to avoid a blast, this game is for you! It looks like the special new items will be motion-controlled, so better practice shaking!

The game's story mode seems to be very similar to the Bomberman games on the SNES and TurboGrafx-16 - A variety of environments, such as grass, lava and desert worlds, all with multiple stages and their own specific enemies and bosses.

Sadly Hudson Soft confirmed to us a while ago that the retail version of the game would not be released in Europe - Only the WiiWare version will be, which is basically just the multiplayer mode from the retail game.

In the most recent US press release Hudson did not mention a retail game either, so it is looking like the US will also only get the WiiWare game. This means that unless you're going to import the Japanese game, all you can do is watch in awe over these things you will probably never get to play: