R.I.P. Toki Tori - You didn't deserve this cruel fate!

We are checking the list for the American region, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Here is the list for 20th August:

1 (1) - Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
2 (4) - Wild West Guns
3 (3) - My Pokémon Ranch
4 (5) - Dr Mario Online Rx
5 (2) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss
6 (6) - Defend your Castle
7 (7) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
8 (8) - TV Show King
9 (9) - LostWinds
10 (11) - Family Table Tennis
11 (12) - Cocoto Fishing Master
12 (10) - Pirates - The Key of Dreams
13 (13) - Gyrostarr
14 (16) - Block Breaker Deluxe
15 (14) - SPOGS Racing
16 (16) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
17 (17) - Major League Eating: The Game
18 (N) - Midnight Pool
19 (18) - Magnetica Twist
20 (19) - Pop

N denotes a new entry

The WiiWare casualty this week sadly is the excellent Toki Tori. When we reviewed this fiendish platform puzzler back in May we awarded it a mighty 9/10. We weren’t alone in rating it highly as Metacritic will attest. It’s a great shame that disappointments such as SPOGS Racing are still around, but a great game like this gets overlooked by the masses. If you haven’t downloaded this yet, why not take a chance on this today? You won’t be sorry!

Thankfully the woeful Pong Toss begins its inevitable decline from its undeserved #2 spot. Hopefully we’ll see the back of it soon.

Gameloft continue to make the WiiWare service really work for them as Midnight Pool enters the chart at 18 and will surely rise much higher by next week. Wild West Guns impresses the most by stealing the #2 spot since its release 3 weeks ago. TV Show King was a launch title and still holds firm in the top 10. Block Breaker Deluxe is still hanging around too – way to go GameLoft!

So there we have it folks, another week of WiiWare madness, as always lets your thoughts be known below!