Introducing you to The Mascott!

Despite his wayward appearance, the Mascott has uncovered a code, a code more profound than the enigma code cracked in World War II, or even the Da Vinci code. This talented young man has cracked the Virtual Console code! This sequence between good and bad VC releases has now been unravelled. This has baffled the most qualified statisticians for ages, but the Mascott has finally cracked it, as you can see here:

Crap, crap, good, crap, crap, crap, good, crap, good, good, good, crap, crap, good, crap, and then it repeats, it’s been like that since the beginning of time every week.

He might be on to something there! What do you think? Visit for more ramblings from this young man. C'mon, which one of our readers are you?