The main game package, aptly named the Starter Pack, will cost you 500 Wii Points and will feature the first level of the game along with the basic UFO. There will then be three additional packages called Stage Packs, which also cost 500 Wii Points each. Stage Pack A will include levels 2 and 3, Stage Pack B will include levels 4 and 5, and Stage Pack C will include levels 6 and 7.

As an added bonus, each of these Stage Packs will also come with a new UFO ship that players can use in the game. Stage Pack A comes with the Classic UFO, which resembles the UFO used in the classic arcade game, Stage Pack B will come with the Silver Hawk UFO, which resembles the classic spaceship used in the Darius series of shooters, and Stage Pack C will come with the R-Gray1 ship from the Raystorm shooter series.

The game will also make use of a Wi-Fi national rankings feature for keeping track of the best overall scores as well as the top scores in each of the various stages, assuming you own these additional stages.

Space Invaders Get Even is set to make its WiiWare debut this month in Japan. Hopefully other regions won't have to wait too long for this title to see a release. We'll have more information on Space Invades Get Even as it becomes available.

Source: Game Watch