Feeling a sense of duty to the legions of Virtual Console fans all over the globe, we decided to get in touch with Capcom, Hudson and SNK Playmore to ascertain what the hell went wrong on ‘Black Monday’. Unsurprisingly, the response so far has been somewhat guarded.

John Diamonon, the Capcom Unity staff member who posted the original confirmation that Mega Man would be one of Monday’s games, gave us this reply:

All I can say is that Nintendo sets and announces the release dates for all VC titles.

Diamonon’s words echoed Nintendo’s official line, given soon after the crap had hit the fan on Monday:

The Wii-kly Update is the only authority for confirmed release dates of Virtual Console games.

SNK’s PR agency Michael Meyers Public Relations responded next, with Associate Public Relations Manager David Bruno saying:

We have yet to hear anything from either party on this apparent slip up, and will be sure to clear things up once we do.

A more positive reply there, but we're willing to bet that David doesn't hear diddly-squat from either SNK or Nintendo about this matter.

Hudson have yet to reply, but we expect a similarly non-committal response. But we can't blame them; these publishers are probably just as annoyed as us at Nintendo’s ineptitude, but they naturally are afraid to speak out in case the Japanese giant takes all their toys away and sends them to bed without any supper.