Speaking to GoNintendo, the company had this to say:

A number of variables can affect a game’s release date. Therefore, the Wii-kly Update is the only authority for confirmed release dates of Virtual Console games.

If this is indeed the case, then why are publishers telling the general public that their games will be released? Surely if Nintendo is adamant that Wii owners should only consult the Wii-kly update for the correct news, they should be telling Capcom, Hudson and SNK Playmore to keep their collective mouths shut?

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these companies MUST be given some kind of indication from Nintendo regarding potential release dates; otherwise they surely wouldn’t mention it.

Whatever is happening, there are a lot of very annoyed people in Virtual Console land right now and Nintendo seriously needs to address this issue. Either they tell publishers to zip it, or they start being a heck of a lot more open about upcoming releases.

Nintendo of Japan is able to do this, so why not Nintendo of America?