Something fishy is going on here. Ahem.

In order to get you all excited, the company has also produced a new trailer for English-speaking markets. It's down there, below the next paragraph. Are we good to you or what?

As you can see the game is set to feature all kinds of fishy goings-on and could end up being something of a hit with some of the ‘casual’ Wii owners. The game will allow extensive customization of your tank, different breeds of fish and even the ability to send your pets to other Wii owners via the WiiConnect24 service.

Here's some more information from the press release published today:

My Aquarium is an all-new, original IP for digital download on WiiWare, providing a virtual aquarium for people of all ages to create a captivating and relaxing atmosphere in front of the Wii. No need for a real aquarium - the fish tank in My Aquarium can be customized with different backgrounds, gravel styles, decorations, plant life, and of course, fish!

In My Aquarium, Wii owners can choose the fish that will live in their aquarium and what decorations they'll get to enjoy. Choose the glass color, lighting, background design, style of gravel, rocks, or plant life for the world the fish will inhabit, and mix and match different fish in up to 6 individual aquariums. Owner can even send aquariums to friends using WiiConnect24 if they also have My Aquarium.

Other features of My Aquarium include:

  • A wide selection of colorful fish - Choose from 40 different types of fish, from clownfish to jellyfish. Both freshwater and saltwater fish can cohabit just fine. If you want to feed your fish, you can choose from a variety of food. You can even interact with your fish and keep a watchful eye on your favorite. Learn more about your fish in the Fish Database.
  • Interacts with the Forecast Channel - Tank conditions change depending on the weather in your area!
  • Focused on Fun -You can simply relax and enjoy the fish. Don't worry about water temperatures or other special knowledge needed for a real aquarium. My Aquarium requires only your imagination.