In Home Sweet Home, you are given the task of decorating one room of your client's house. You must listen to them and find out what their tastes are in order to design a room that will appeal to them. You'll then have to use the Wii Remote to guide your design team on their way to creating the perfect room design for your client.

For those who are interested in this title, we just got a brand new video of the game in action. This should give you a better idea of exactly how the game plays and functions, especially given how few details we have regarding the game.

Big Blue Bubble Games has told us that we can hopefully expect Home Sweet Home to see a WiiWare release sometime within the next 2-3 weeks, but couldn't give us any specific pricing details as of yet. We'll have more information on this title as it becomes available. This is turning into one of the more unique WiiWare experiences for those who are open to something a little different.

We can also confirm that Big Blue Bubble are secretly working on a sports game for WiiWare. When we get more info we'll keep you posted of course.