If these screens are any indication, this will probably be the largest WiiWare game yet!

Seemingly taking inspiration from Castle Crashers' visual style, which will be launching soon on Xbox Live Arcade, the game will be WiiWare's first real time strategy (RTS) title. Playing as one of three factions (Two of which are vikings and incans), the objective is to simply wipe your opponent of the face of the planet. Not much information has been given in the press release, but judging by the screens (Which you can view below), you will be able to purchase more units (From lowly grunts, to magicians, to war golems), which are of course different for each faction.

Aside from a multiplayer split-screen mode, there is also a single player mode with a variety of missions to win. There will also be other modes, but Ronimo Games has not revealed what any of these are.

Source: Official website