Strong Bad is now in all three of the glorious D's!

The first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Homestar Ruiner, is the long-awaited console debut of the extremely popular flash cartoon Homestar Runner. There were already some online games based on H*R (As it is usually abbreviated) made by the company known as Videlectrix, but this is the first "real" videogame. Surprisingly, the game doesn't star Homestar Runner, the main character of the site, but rather, Strong Bad, the site's anti-hero! If you're familiar with Telltale's Sam & Max series (If you aren't: Why!?) you'll know what to expect here as it's pretty much the same - A point and click adventure game. As it was released last Monday in the US, we've already reviewed it - You can read our review here and see what you think. The game costs 1000 Wii Points, and will be followed by 4 sequels the next months.

Today's other pick can't really be considered a "game". Hudson's My Aquarium is in fact so little like a game that it's gotten a new genre on the Wii Shop - Relaxation! In My Aquarium, you can customize your own fish tank (Background, floor, decoration, lighting, music, etc.) and then stick some fish in it, which you can then check back on every day in order to feed them and see how they're growing up. There are a total of 40 fish to select from, although you can't initially pick them all - You'll have to play for a while to earn more. At 500 Wii Points you really can't call My Aquarium overpriced - If you don't have the time or dedication for a real aquarium this is super cheap! The review will follow in the next few days.

That's all for WiiWare this week - Good picks if you ask us! Next week is most likely VC week, so see you again in 2 weeks!