Don't make Haohmaru angry! You won't like him when he's angry!

Obviously, Samurai Shodown II is the pick of the bunch. We got International Karate +, a fantastic fighter, only two weeks ago, but now we've gotten one of the greatest fighters of all time. Samurai Shodown II features the same gameplay as its predecessor - That is, one-on-one fighting with weapons - But has fixed many of the first game's flaws, has even better-looking visuals, more characters and tons of other improvements which really make it no wonder it is so highly regarded. If you like fighters at all, you really have to check this game out.

Ecco Jr. for the Mega Drive can really not be recommended to anybody. It was released in the US months ago, and we personally thought we would be spared of its mediocrity, but sadly, Sega has now released it here as well. On the surface, the game looks like the other two Ecco games on the Mega Drive, but don't be fooled - The whole game consists of childishly simple tasks such as swimming through rings or locating specific animals, and there is no danger or adventure to speak of. If you like the Ecco series, don't spoil it all with this game!

Splatterhouse 2 for the Sega Mega Drive is the sequel to the Turbografx-16 arcade port that's already available on the Virtual Console and features all the blood and gore of the original, this time with even better music and visuals. While still not quite as good as Splatterhouse 3, this sequel will more than keep any hack-n-slash fans happy until the third installment arrives on the Virtual Console.

Pitstop II for the Commodore 64 is a cult classic racer. It is quite an impressive game (For the C64), featuring a 3D view of the track. As the name implies, it is a Formula 1 game, so you'll have to deal with high-speed hairpin turns, pitstops, and other F1 trademarks. On the surface it might seem like a relatively standard and uninteresting game, but if you spend time on it you'll find quite a fun little racer.

Sadly, if you were waiting for the Master System version of Sonic, you're out of luck this week! Maybe it will appear in 2 weeks!