There were a lot of great SNES RPGs never released in Europe - One of them is now finally available!

The Festival starts off with a bang, just like the first one from 2007. Finally making its debut in Europe (After 12 years!) is the fantastic Square/Nintendo co-operation for the SNES, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. As the title might reveal, it is an RPG based around Mario and friends. They must, instead of defeating Bowser like in most Mario games, defeat the evil Smithy, a new villain, and his Smithy Gang. Super Mario RPG is praised among many Mario fans who've played it as one of the best Mario games ever made, and it's hard to disagree - It might not really be a hardcore RPG game, but the game has a ton of charm, fast and fun gameplay, and a killer soundtrack to boot. The game costs 900 Wii Points, as you might've guessed, due to the standard 100-point import fare.

Today's only other game isn't really new. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels was already available for 2 and a half weeks in 2007 as part of the first Hanabi Festival. However, after the US got it not too much later without a time limit, many Europeans were understandably agitated that they were not able to get the game if they missed out on it the first and only time. Thankfully it seems Nintendo of Europe has realized its mistake - The game is now available for download once again and will stay forever. If you missed out on it last time or don't know what it's about - It's the real sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. It basically has the exact same gameplay, with some new features, and overall, much, much harder levels. It costs 600 Wii Points, just like it did before.

We wonder what happens the following weeks - Surely, if the Hanabi Festival continues, the next week will have Virtual Console games as well instead of WiiWare games? Only time will tell!