A few weeks we did a preview of Eternity’s Child based on a non-complete version of the game which Luc supplied us with. We thought it needed a bit of work here and there, but Luc assured us that the kinks were being ironed out and the final product would be more refined.

Sadly the first reviews of Eternity’s Child on the block from Destructoid are far from encouraging. Both reviewers gave it a lowly 1/10. Heck we didn’t even give Pong Toss such a score! In reading the Destructoid duo of reviews there are a lot of arguments to justify the low score, but we’re left questioning to ourselves, could it really be that big of a stinker?

The comments on Destructoid have been coming in thick and fast from readers in response to these reviews (325 at the time of writing). Many have disagreed with the review, some thought it echoed their thoughts perfectly and a good number of the comments were just outright rude. Being the outspoken gent that Luc Bernard is he didn’t take this onslaught of criticism lying down and fought his corner.

It turns out there was a bug in the Steam version of the game so that the jump button only worked 1/3 of the time in certain points in the game, so this surely led to angry gamers. This bug has swiftly been resolved since then with a patch. Luc also recommends using keyboard controls due to poor controller support which perhaps should have been made clearer.

At WiiWare World, of course we only review Wiiware games, so be sure when Eternity’s Child finally comes out on WiiWare, we’ll give it a fair hearing. In the meantime keep your eyes on Kotaku who should hopefully be posting their own review of the game soon.

It’s not over yet however. Luc is so confident that you’ll like Eternity’s Child that a free demo is being released on Monday so you can decide for yourself if this is worth a download. One thing is for sure, good or bad, Eternity’s Child really has the ability to get people talking!