We were having a quick snoop around the Japanese site for the upcoming WiiWare title Mega Man 9 (known as Rockman in Japan) and we happened upon this rather interesting image, which should have fans of the series weeping tears of utter joy:


Yes indeedy – it’s the store from within the game!

Here’s the stuff that you’ll be able to buy:

  • 1-Up : 20
  • E-Tank: 30
  • M-Tank: 50
  • Eddie: 50
  • Beat: 50
  • Energy Balancer: 100
  • Half-damage:100
  • Spike shoes: 50
  • Roll Costume: 200
  • No helmet: 20

Also, the more dedicated Mega Man fans out there will instantly spot Auto (from Mega Man 7) stood behind Roll!