Looks like Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin' fun!

Here is an awful Google translation of Famitsu’s page:

Set foot at the city's western fast gun

Set in the American West by GANSHUTINGUGEMU to unfold, Wii software will be delivered. Player's goal is to target the West one aimed at gunmen. Up to four people can play simultaneously.

"Team set up a" mode of cooperation with friends and family, and also can play the "fight" mode, the points competition can be tough.

Also, Wii zapper, you can do more realistic sense, a sense of realism can also enjoy archery.

Judging from the screenshots this looks like it could be fun. The Wiimote is easily up to the task of playing this Duck Hunt style of game so I think GameLoft may have a winner on their hands here. The price is set for 1000 Wii points for Japan it would seem from the Famitsu page.

To see all six screenshots click through to our Wild West Guns game page, or visit Famitsu.