Stanley - One of Nintendo's forgotten heroes

Donkey Kong 3 is the final entry in the Donkey Kong arcade series, and if you ask us, also the weakest. The game no longer features Mario at all, instead you play as the new character Stanley the Bugman, who never made an appearance in another game since. Your objective is to get Donkey Kong out of the greenhouse he's invaded by spraying him from below with bug spray, while avoiding various bugs that try to steal your flowers.

Ninja Commando for the Neo Geo is a fun overhead action/shooter hybrid, similar to games like Ikari Warriors and Mercs. You can play as one of three ninjas who each has different attacks as you attempt to make it through the many stages. The game is an early Neo Geo game so the graphics are not spectacular, but they're still quite good. A lot of you will probably dismiss it for being the nth Neo Geo game in a short while, but it's actually pretty good.

That's all for VC this week! On WiiWare, there's just one new game: Major League Eating: The Game. Check out WiiWare World for more info, as usual.