While they would love to bring the episodic game to the Wii, the size limits for Wii Ware prevent them from going the digital distribution method, he said. But that doesn't mean it couldn't come out down the line as a boxed game for Nintendo's console.

"Id love to be on the platform," Ceraldi said. "It’s purely an issue of size limit. Our game is just too big. If they increase that limit or add a harddrive, anything like that we would revisit (Wii Ware)."

Whether you want to play this game or not, it is a concern that developers such as Hothead are just turned off WiiWare because of the file size limits and lack of a storage solution. We can only hope that Reggie is as good as his word and Nintendo sort this problem out once and for all, sooner rather than later!

Source: Kotaku