A Scan From Nintendo Power

Mega Man 9 (no subtitle yet) is a back to roots platformer, going back to the good old days of the NES in a simplistic 2D style. Go get the first two games of the series on your VC now if you haven't already. The release date of the game is not yet known but we suspect sometime this year, hopefully sooner rather than later. We do know that the game will use the classic horizontal control style of the Wiimote with no fancy gestures used and will essentially be a NES game on the Wii.

Inti Creates give the reason for making an 8-bit version of Mega Man as it now being the perfect time for these 'old school' games, with Wiiware being the perfect platform for them, rather than releasing a fully pledged game to be "criticized for things like being simplistic, outdated, or too expensive". All I can say personally is that I have a new found love for WiiWare and we will be following this game very closely.

The whole debacle with the exclusivity of the game is that it has already been touted as coming out on both of the other big consoles via an official looking advert, only then for Capcom to deny this; leading people to suspect that the 'WiiWare only' part is just temporary. I've always regarded the man in blue as a Nintendo mascot after religiously playing the games on the NES and Gameboy, and after playing a strange incarnation of the PS1 I'm glad he's reverting back to his original state.

Long live the NES!