MM9 News

Anyone who has been around this site for the last week or so will know how stoked we are about Mega Man 9. Only the most cynical of gamers could fail to love the idea of a brand new 8-bit NES style Mega Man, with all new levels.

The first bit of news is contrary to the denials we have heard, it is now confirmed that Mega Man 9 will NOT be WiiWare exclusive! It will also be sold on XBLA and PSstore. Boooooo!!!

Mega Man 1 & 2 are confirmed to be coming to the Virtual Console for North America soon also. It's about time really, Europe has had both of them for ages on VC!

Mega Man 9 features 50 new enemies and bosses to battle, according to Capcom. It will also sport an online leaderboard ranking system where you'll be able to track your score and time against other gamers.

Check out the new video, this is all looking pretty awesome:

How cool was that? Mega Man is back in style! Please share your thoughts on this new video below.

Source: IGN