Watch out Mega Man!!

For a long while we have heard such comments as “No fair” and “this sucks ass” in relation to this Mega Man delay. Well guys, it’s not just you who have been waiting, even the Japanese have too! They haven’t got the Japanese equivalents of Rockman 1 & 2 yet either.

The good news is Capcom have made an official announcement that the new WiiWare Rockman 9 game will debut in September. To celebrate this momentous occasion they also stated that they will be releasing Rockman 1 in July and Rockman 2 in August on the Virtual Console.

It is pure speculation on our parts but we are of the opinion that Capcom will follow a similar pattern in North America too. After all, why else have they been holding back on the blue bomber goodness for you guys?

Expect to hear more news during the upcoming E3. Your long wait may soon be over!

Source: Capcom JP