Here are some of the choice bits of the interview:

Multiplayer: When you guys decided to make “Mega Man 9″ in this style, I assume nobody at Capcom had made a game in this style in a long time. So I’m wondering what it was like to re-learn to make 8-bit games or if there were people in the studio doing this on the side? How were those skills rediscovered?

Keiji Inafune, creator, Mega Man: Making an 8-bit game like this, it’s been a long time since even I’ve done something like that. But there are a lot of staff at Capcom that remember how to make that sort of thing, We used a company called Inti Create to help us on this. It’s comprised of former Capcom staff members and people who worked on NES 8-bit games. They’re really into 8-bit games and wanted to make a game like this. So, we had all the expertise we could want to make a game like this.

Multiplayer: I remember a lot of the 8-bit games I played on the NES were really, really hard. I was wondering how hard “Mega Man 9″ is.

Takeshita: Well, we made this game based on the old games. So, as you could imagine, it’s just as hard as those old games. And if you haven’t played those games in a while, it might be even harder. The whole point is: you play this, you die a few times, but you keep trying and you get past the difficult spots. That’s the pleasure gamers get from the challenge and overcoming those challenges. And we felt by creating a game that challenges players, it will give them greater reward when they beat those challenges.

There are a few more interesting things in the interview also. Read for yourself at MTV Multiplayer.