Of course the E3 bandwagon keeps rolling and now the big boys have got their hands-on previews up for us to see if Mega Man 9 is looking like the game we all want it to be. Let’s have a look at what they all had to say:


I'll reign in my nostalgic enthusiasm for the game now to conclude and say that Mega Man 9 is getting it right. It's a little bit off and doesn't feel quite like a perfect companion to the original NES Mega Man games, thanks to its mish-mashed approach of presenting a grab bag of different elements from each of them. But even still, after over a decade and a half since the release of the last game made in this style, it's an incredibly enjoyable and valiant return to form.


Capcom is taking a bold step by sticking to the 8-bit formula of the early games, and the simple graphics, catchy music, and classic gameplay are well done and don't feel forced. The game looks and feels like the Mega Man you loved as a kid. Mega Man 9 is confirmed as a WiiWare game and is currently scheduled for a fall release.


It's this mix of the familiar and the new that makes MM9 so intriguing. Capcom's burden with the game is to prove that this play style, so thoroughly mined and exhausted back when the NES was a viable platform, can still entertain and surprise two decades later. So far, they look to be pulling it off. Long-time fans will recognize plenty of old, familiar enemies: The low, spiked platform defenders from Elec Man's stage in the original Mega Man, which can only be stunned, not destroyed; the pipes from Crash Man's stage which dispense an infinite array of slow but dangerous cylinder-type foes; those damnable disappearing blocks.


People are going to eat Mega Man 9 up simply because there are definitely more lovers than haters. We need more platformers, and it's just the right time for a game like this. It plays the nostalgia card, sure, but it's also just a great game. The newest concept isn't by default the best concept. Old ideas can be fun…otherwise we wouldn't be excited for the ninth installment of a franchise that has fundamentally changed none since 1987.

All in all there were some pretty positive commends. Only really IGN had any concerns that this might not live up to expectations. So far, so good. Now where's Eurogamer's preview?

Check out the intro and gameplay footage: