Yay - DYC goodness for all !!

XGen Studios also told us that they are pursuing a couple partnership options to bring Defend Your Castle to the Japanese market. Even better news is they are also currently working on a second WiiWare title based on a completely new IP. Hopefully we’ll hear more about that in upcoming weeks.

XGen also had a message for our readers:

The XGen team would also like to add once again that we're all thrilled with the response we've received in the Americas. We had never imagined that our little game would hold a top spot in the WiiWare rankings against other fantastic titles for so long, and for that we really must thank all our fans.

As anyone who watches our charts will know DYC has firmly held the #3 spot in America for well over a month now. Impressive work considering that the top spots are dominated by Pokémon and Dr. Mario. Who can argue with a decent game at a reasonable price? Other WiiWare publishers, TAKE NOTE!

XGen also reminded us to mention that there are some Easter Eggs hidden away in DYC which are worth checking out for a laugh:

There are three "names" in the credits you can select with the pointer to activate some unorthodox gameplay twists. (Though to preserve the "prestige" of making huge progress in the game legitimately, we don't allow players to save when these easter eggs are active.) The modes are as follows:

Texas Ranger Mode
Crediting Chuck Norris in the game was an obvious choice for us, as we clearly couldn't have done it without the inspiration provided by his rugged beard and general kickassery. Clicking 'Chuck Norris' in the credits activates a much more difficult twist on Defend Your Castle gameplay. When Chuck Norris sits down to enjoy an intense game of Defend Your Castle, we suspect that this is the only way he plays. Try playing with a Wii Remote in each hand (we call it "Justice Mode"), for even more challenge.

SMB3W4 Mode
A bit of a throwback to retro gaming for which not everyone will make the connection, selecting 'SMB3W4' in the credits pays a little homage to one of the early classics.

LOLcatz Mode
Those fanatical felines have launched their army of catapults (Aha! See what we did there?) in an effort to destroy your castle, freeing them to spread their grammatical nuances to the farthest reaches of your kingdom. Patience is rewarded -- by waiting until the very end of the credits roll (and then some...) selecting the cryptic message that follows activates this mode.