The official Japanese Bomberman Blast website is available now also. Check it out, there are loads of goodies like screenshots, game modes and artwork for you to look at. That is if you can understand how to navigate it, we recommend just clicking random Japanese words and hoping for the best!

As if all this wasn't enough Cubed3 did an interview with Hudson recently and amongst other things the following came up about Bomberman Blast:

Cubed: It was reported that both Bomberman games for Wii and WiiWare have been delayed somewhat. What is the reason behind the delays and can you reveal when they will be released now?

Hudson: In Bomberman a maximum of 8 players can battle via Wi-Fi. In order to make this work as smoothly as possible, we’ve had to take some time to tweak some minor points of the game. We believe that our efforts have paid off, and that the finished product is the title to fully experience the Hudson Battle, so please be on the lookout for it. (*Please note only Bomberman for WiiWare version will be released in EU, not Wii version.)

Cubed: Will Nintendo allow Hudson to use Mii characters instead of traditional Bomberman characters in the Battle Mode? This would definitely add to the immersion for gamers and has been a highly requested inclusion from our readers.

Hudson: Yes, Miis will be available once a certain condition is met.

The Wi-Fi mode sounds like it is going to be quite good. The use of Miis was a no-brainer also so we’re glad to hear that is going to be included. It seems a bit of a strange choice to not release the retail version of the game in Europe, but we’ll obviously be rooting for the WiiWare version anyway.

You can check out the interview which we did with Hudson in May here. What are your thoughts on all this Bomberman related news?