Tossers: Jag Jaeger and Vince Valenti

Here a bit of what the Las Vegas Sun reported on the matter:

The first problem was the name. It had “beer” in it. And the Wii, you see, has a family-friendly, so-wholesome-it-squeaks image.

“We had a little discussion with Nintendo and there were some angry parties,” Valenti said.

“And we wanted to focus on the sport of beer pong, not the alcohol that’s associated with it,” Jaeger explained.

And so “Frat Party Games -Beer Pong” became “Frat Party Games - Pong Toss,” which is weird, but whatever. The cups are still red, even if a direct hit makes a rattling sound instead of a splash. The crowd around the table still says authentic college-ish things like “Loser,” “What was that?” and “I’ve got the munchies.” Of course they did have to change the throw-power meter from a glass of beer to a bullet, which doesn’t make sense until you realize the bullet is about the same size and shape.

So there you go, now you get a rattling sound instead of a splash and a bullet power-meter instead of beer! The gimmick to entice hedonistic college students to enjoy an electronic version of the frat party ‘sport’ has now been taken away. Somehow I cannot see the frat brothers getting really excited about a game called Pong Toss.

Nintendo obviously isn’t ready to shake off that wholesome image just yet it seems!

Source: Las Vegas Sun via GoNintendo