What a blood fest Animales is!

Kindly Micah Skaritka at HVS has set the record straight on the controls once and for all. It actually sounds like a pretty good system. Wiimote pointing is fun for a while, but it is nice to have an alternative to play with more traditional controls. We’re glad that Animales will cater for both preferences. Check out what Micah had to tell us:

Wiimote controls:

The controls for Animales are incredibly intuitive, requiring mostly a point and shoot mentality. By pointing the Wii-remote at the screen the avatar turns to face where the cursor is pointed. Pulling the trigger will cause the player to shoot in that direction. The thumbstick on the nunchuck moves the avatar around the screen, but does not change his facing.

This allows the player to easily walk backward and fire at advancing enemies, or strafe effortlessly across the screen while firing at a desired target. This is similar to the controls found in Smash TV.

Animales incorporates the unique controls of the wii, allowing the player to swing the nunchuck to collect uninfected animals with an oversized net. The player could also hold the Z Button and draw back the nunchuck and lash forward to use his whip which annihilates enemies in a forward facing.

Classic Controller controls:

Support on the Classic Controller puts movement and firing direction on the two analog sticks. The left stick controls the player's movement, while the right analog stick controls the direction the player faces, as well as sending out a barrage of fiery ammunition. This is, again, similar to Smash TV. Pushing up on both sticks allows the player to move forward, while shooting forward. Changing the direction of the left stick, allow the player to continue moving forward while firing in whatever direction he chooses.

The Wii-motions have been mapped to buttons, with the combat-focused actions (Whip and Throw) on the top triggers, and the passive actions (Rescue and Activate) on the A and B buttons.