However, in a bizarre twist to this tale, we’ve since been contacted by the publishers of the WiiWare version of Eternity’s Child. Alten8’s CEO Paul Andrews had this to say:

EC is in the porting stage - Luc is an artist and concept creator, who under contract to us has licensed 5 game concepts across DS and Wii formats with EC being one of them.

Luc had the original EC PC version commissioned by a coder external to Alten8. Alten8 is now porting to Wii the PC version code as supplied recently to us. We could not do this till the PC version was nearer completion. This game will be ported by Alten8's in-house coders based in the Luton UK office, then rated for the various regions and put through the Nintendo system before going out on WiiWare, as always intended by us.

It will subject to actual rating and go out as closely as possible in Europe and NA regions. We aim to ultimately have it out in all regions, but realistically those two will be first.

We do not want to give specific time scales on its release other than to say now it is being ported from the supplied code. We are as a company working as fast as we can to do this porting and get it through the Nintendo system once done.

The versions Luc puts out himself on PC should not be confused with the Wii versions we will put out, and may differ in terms of final levels and game play. We aim again to bring the best game we can to Wii players and enhance it and make use of the Wii's unique features.

Luc is an independent artist, not an employee or directly working for Alten8, and his views do not always reflect our own and of course do not always reflect actual business facts. Luc is highly talented and we look forward to working with him on future products, but the public should not confuse Luc’s public statements with the view and realities of Alten8's actual actions.

I hope this helps make clear where EC is currently…it will be coming to as many people as want it and as quickly as possible whilst staying true to Luc's original game and concepts.

As a company we hope to be able to confirm on various DS and Wii projects coming out through us and other third party publishers we are currently working with soon.

So there you have it – Eternity’s Child IS coming out in North America after all. Phew, we can all breathe a sigh of relief now!