After reading our review of Pop from the North American launch on the 12th May, we know a lot of you guys are itching to play this. Sure, you got a storming launch line-up with the first look at Dr. Mario and Toki Tori, but many of you were left questioning why the sublime Pop wasn’t released at launch, or at least shortly afterwards.

To clear all this up we went straight to the horse's mouth and contacted our good friend Nic Watt from Nnooo. He's kindly answered a few questions relating to Pop and the incredibly fun process of localisation.

Nintendo Life: What are the basic languages which Nintendo insist you must support for EU/AU/NZ?

Nic Watt: I think the only language we have to support in game is English. However the online manual has to be in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

NL: What languages are you supporting?

NW: We are supporting: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch throughout.

NL: How much does this sort of localisation cost?


NW: The costs are obviously dependent on the game as some games have way more text. Usually translators charge per line.

For Pop we had to pay to get both the game text and the manual text translated which were over €2,000 each.

NL: Once you do the localisation, do NoE verify it in some way?

NW: NoE play the game and verify the manual. They check and comment on any and all translation areas.

NL: So is it just the localisation slowing things down?

NW: We didn't leave the localisation late we did have the game translated pretty early. However some parts of the game were not translated in accordance with some of Nintendo's standards so we had to amend those.

Obviously not speaking any of the languages we translated into made the process a little slower as we needed to liaise with our translation service.


The game was also partially delayed as we fixed the bug which became apparent in the American version of the game. We decided we had to fix that bug for Europe which meant having to resubmit too close to the launch window to make launch day.

NL: Will the price point still be 700 points for EU/AU/NZ?

NW: As far as we are aware the price is the same in America and EU/AU/NZ.

NL: Can you give me a rough idea of when this will launch in EU/AU/NZ?

NW: We have no firm date as yet as we are awaiting NOE approval once we have that we can negotiate with them on the release date. We hope it will be late June.

NL: What were the teething troubles you had with online scoreboards for North America? Is this resolved?

NW: There was a small bug in the game which is very very rare. It occurs at such a small rate it wasn't detected in testing and is basically related to Nintendo WiFi connection and your profile. We have since tracked it down (which took a lot of creating profiles and connecting to Nintendo WiFi until we could get one which exhibited the behaviour!) and this should be fixed in the EU/AU/NZ version.


We are working with NOA on getting this fix to their customers too.

NL: What did you learn from the North American launch?

NW: Loads! That a small company can make a game for a new service and make it for launch. That you have to roll with the punches, some reviewers hate the game but a lot of our customers love it.

We are just so proud to be alongside some great games made by developers we admire (Pop alongside a Final Fantasy game and a game made by the creator of Elite!!).

NL: Can you roughly say how many downloads of Pop were made in North America to date?

NW: I don't think we are allowed to announce sales figures at the moment but we are doing really well and are very taken aback by how many people are interested in Pop.


NL: Would you consider running a score attack competition like Hudson are doing with Star Soldier R?

NW: We would love to be able to do something like this, however Pop is not really designed with this in mind. I need to look at how Hudson are doing this and see if we can support a similar feature either now or in the future.

NL: Are you planning any new WiiWare games? Can you drop us any hints?

NW: We are planning more WiiWare games and hope to start work on the next one in the next week or two. We cannot say very much about the next game other than it is going to make more use of the controller and be a bit more competitive. There are some hints to it on our website nnooo.com