Ninja Combat - Graphically ok, but otherwise, rather boring.

This week isn't very interesting for the US Virtual Console, sadly. It is suggested that this week you take a look at WiiWare instead.

The only VC release this week is Ninja Combat for the Neo Geo. After seeing the success of games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, Alpha Denshi decided to attempt a beat 'em up themselves. While graphics-wise the game looks ok (Although the actual animation is less great), the rest of the game is rather uninspired. SNK only very shortly after this released their own attempt at a beat 'em up, Burning Fight, which was sadly every bit as dull as Ninja Combat.

That's all this week on VC, unfortunately! But on WiiWare, you get the splendid Toki Tori (1000 Wii Points instead of 900 like in Europe) and Protöthea, a remake of a PC game by Ubisoft. Check out WiiWare World for more info.