Leiji Matsumoto's Galaxy Express

The work of legendary anime creator Leiji Matsumoto should be amongst the first comics on WiiWare. So before long our Wii owning Japanese friends might be reading Galaxy Express on their TV screen, so they can save some trees!

Here's the Google translation from Famitsu:

Wii software to deliver digital comics, Leiji Matsumoto teacher of the original comic

Leiji Matsumoto, who produced the original comic projects

June 25, 2008, Sunsoft of Wii's online service, Wii software business it is announced. Wii is fun for Comics "Wii software for digital comic delivery", launched this summer, it said.

Sunsoft Wii through the television screen to display digital comics can be developed ORIJINARUBYUAAPURI. Business entry into our new brand "SONSOFT BOOKS (SANSOFUTOBUKKUSU)" and launch.

In addition, the Space Battleship Yamato Sunsoft, and 999 galaxies, is known for his cartoon house, Leiji Matsumoto, who produced the original comic also announced a project to expand. The original comic, first Wii software can deliver digital comics as a foothold in the future, games, animation, books, pachinko, character goods, such as various plans to expand the media.

The official site can be found here.

Interesting news eh? What western comics would you like to see come to WiiWare?

Source: Famitsu via GoNintendo