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CEO Dave Roberts and co-founder John Vechey stated that they were working on more console projects with another unnamed company but couldn't give any more details aside from the fact that it might prove to be "one of the top ten [of all time]" for development collaborations. Interesting.

Vechey had this to say:

You'll see, actually, in a couple of announcements that we'll have later on in the year where we've done some pretty cool collaborations with a company that really, really knows the space really well, and we think the collaboration will hopefully make it more interesting.

With PopCap already supporting DLC via Xbox Live surely the next logical step is to develop for WiiWare? And who is this mystery company? Could it be Nintendo?

Like we said, we may just be reading too much into this, but we have a feeling we may see WiiWare Peggle sooner than you think…

Source: Gamasutra