After 12 years, Europe will finally be able to enjoy Super Mario RPG!

Fans have longed for this game's release on VC for an eternity - It was listed on the ESRB around the Wii's launch but mysteriously disappeared along with some other games later. After not hearing anything about the game for about a year, it was announced that Japan would be getting the game this month. Obviously this re-ignited the flame of desire, and many people were once again wondering when (And if) the game would be released elsewhere.

That should end now, though - Australia's OFLC has now rated the title, which indicates that it should be making its way to PAL Wiis sometime soon. As it is an import title (Only the US and Japan originally got it!) we suspect that you will have to pay a small premium, but trust us, the game is totally worth it.

No word on a US release yet, but we suspect it will follow suit.