The ninja is back!

Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance is quite similar to the first game (also on VC), featuring the same isometric gameplay with fighting and puzzles to solve. This time, the action takes place in New York City instead of on a Japanese island. As such, there are more modern threats to deal with. Overall, the game practically only improves on the first, meaning it is quite great!

Nebulus is a rather unique little game. You play as a weird creature as you attempt to sink a number of towers into the ocean. This is done by making your way to the top of them, which isn't as easy as it sounds - There's a whole bunch of platforming segments and enemies to overcome. The towers all look as if they're 3D when you move around them, which is really quite a feat for a Commodore 64 game.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World is the game that Sega's early mascot premiered in! Unfortunately, most would agree that it also turned out to be the best game he ever starred in. That doesn't mean it's just "moderately good", however - It's actually a pretty great game. There is a reason Alex Kidd was so popular!

Fatal Fury 2 is, quite obviously, the sequel to Fatal Fury, which is also on VC. The game builds on what was previously seen in the first Fatal Fury. Gone is the pitiful three character selection; this time you can play as any of the fighters. Terry, Andy and Joe all return, but they’re accompanied by a supporting cast that is packed with variety.

Ninja Combat, much like Burning Fight, was a poor attempt at copying games such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage, and really mediocre at best. Probably best to give this one a miss!

We think these five games more than make up for the slap in the face that was last week!

Sadly there was no WiiWare update today, but you can always check our sister site WiiWare World to read reviews of the games already out in Europe and Australia.