One of Goddard's finest moments

Goddard, who started out at legendary UK developer Argonaut before being poached by Nintendo of Japan, has a wealth of industry experience under his belt after working on many high-ranking internal Nintendo projects.

Speaking to Cubed3, Goddard had this to say about the hush-hush development:

Our current game uses the Balance Board actually, and it’s due out in September on WiiWare. So yes, much like Theta (Japan-only DS title) we came up with several prototypes of games and picked one that we thought was the most uniquely suited to the interface. The interesting thing is that the games you would think would work well with the Balance Board actually don't. So it should be interesting to see what kind of stuff gets made for it.

The full interview will be posted on Cubed3 shortly. Given the pedigree of the developer, this has the potential to be very interesting indeed!