Maybe enabling USB Flash Drives is the way to go?

The situation is intensified with the event of the WiiWare launch as games like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles take up a whopping 287 blocks! That is before you download any of the extra ‘Pay to Play’ content. It really is high time to question why our pals at Nintendo have not given us a solution to expand the storage capacity yet.

Currently you have two options for games which you are forced to delete to make room for others, back them up to an SD card to restore them at a later date, or download them from the Wii Shop again. When you are spoilt with how the XBOX 360 allows you to store oodles of game demos, videos and XBLA content this does seem backwards. Why couldn’t Nintendo simply release a system update to allow games to be played directly from the SD card?

Rumours of different solutions have come and gone over the last 12 months but so far nothing has been done. Could it be that soon Nintendo will unveil its very own Nintendo-branded storage solution to take away all our delete-and-redownload woes? Well that would be nice but it would cost twice as much! Why not just give us a system update so we can add a USB flash drive of our choice? They are relatively inexpensive now with an 8GB USB stick costing around £15/$30.

For small publishers considering if they should take a chance on the WiiWare service this has to be a huge concern. If Nintendo don’t pull their finger out soon then eventually gamers will eventually get fed up of the WiiWare service and stop buying the games. C’mon Nintendo, sort it out!

What ideas do our WiiWare World readers have for solving this problem?