Pokemon puzzle fun for all the family

For those not in the know Pokémon Puzzle League uses the exact same gameplay found in the old SNES and Game Boy title Tetris Attack. You're given a Tetris-like field full of coloured blocks, which you must arrange into horizontal or vertical lines of three or more, all the while rows of blocks are being pushed up from the bottom. If you are unable to clear out enough blocks to keep the entire field from filling up, it's game over. For Pokémon fans this is a must have, it’s actually quite a fun and entertaining game.

Renegade is the final in the series of NES beat ‘em ups which were announced to be coming to the Virtual Console a few weeks ago. It is actually the first in Technos’ series of brawlers predating Double Dragon and River City Ransom. Although it shares many traits with its stable mate fighters, the control is sloppy, the action repetitive and the graphics disappointing. Unless you happen to be a big fan from back in the days this is one you could avoid.

So there goes another week in the crazy world of Virtual Console. Stay tuned next week to see if EarthBound gets a Mother’s Day release!

Note: These games will not be available in the North American Wii Shop Channel until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Mon 5th May.