Bubble + Spiky thing = POP

A cursory glance at the Virtual Console shop on our American Wii shows that neither Soul Blazer or Tiny Toons are available, so we’re not quite sure why reputable sites such as GameSpy, GameStats and G4TV are reporting otherwise.

Perhaps this is some kind of elaborate joke to cruelly build up the hopes of Square-Enix fans? Or maybe someone knows something we don’t? Could this be a case of "Chinese Whispers", and one site has posted something incorrect, leading to others picking up on it and adding their own spin?

For those of you that don’t know, Soul Blazer is an early SNES RPG and the first in a trilogy of titles for Nintendo’s 16-bit machine. The other two games were Illusion of Time/Gaia and Terranigma. All three games are uniformly excellent and would make stunning additions to the Virtual Console – if they ever get released, that is.

Update: After snooping around some more we've come to the conclusion that the culprit is in fact the reading skill of whoever submitted the data to those sites. Kotaku always posts a news story on every week's US VC releases, but as there were none last week, they decided to instead post two titles they would like to see (Soul Blazer and Tiny Toon Adventures). We assume the other sites quickly glanced over this and thought it was the actual update.