Wii + HDD = WIN!

Q6 I am personally enjoying WiiWare and Virtual Console but feel Wii’s flash memory size is not enough and annoyed that I need to use a SD memory card. Will this situation be improved?

A6 Iwata: Statistically speaking, it is true that there are a small number of customers who feel that the flash memory is too small, while many others find that they have plenty of memory. However, because this small number of people are none other than the most avid players, we know we have to review the best possible solution to eliminate their inconvenience.

Whether this solution will come in the form of a hard drive or some sort of USB flash stick we don’t know. Perhaps it may just be a firmware update to allow for the direct use of SD cards. Whatever the big N come up with for all the avid Virtual Console gamers out there this is the news we all wanted to hear. The days of deleting and redownloading our VC games because of limited memory could soon be over! When WiiWare launches later this month the problem will only be exacerbated so the sooner this situation can be addressed the better.

We are glad that Iwata is listening to Nintendo’s fanbase, we can’t wait to see what fancy attachment Nintendo come up with to solve our memory woes.

Source: Nintendo Press Release