There's not much new details for Tetris - They are thinking of incorporating the Wii Balance Board somehow, but have not made a decision on the matter yet. Imagine moving Tetris blocks by leaning left and right!

There's also some more details on the differences between the Wii Bomberman game and the WiiWare version. As we already knew, the Wii version will be a full game, with minigames and a battle mode, while the WiiWare version is just the battle mode, taken directly from the Wii game.

Now, however, it has also been revealed that the Wii version's battle mode will have some tiny extras. Aside from two extra stages, it will have ten more "appeal motions", which are basically just little animations your character can do, such as wave. Despite these differences, it will be possible for owners of the Wii version to play battle mode with owners of the WiiWare version, and vice versa. We assume that when this occurs the two Wii-exclusive stages can not be selected.