The special MSX options menu.

That's not all - Aleste (And we assume every future MSX game) actually includes some special options on the VC. You can press the "-" button at any time to open a menu containing two options - One allows you to change the type of music you hear. The MSX originally had a special card attachment which enhanced all audio, so with this option you can choose to hear either the basic music or the enhanced music!

The other option allows you to switch around the main two action buttons. We can't really imagine this being all that useful, but it is a nice little feature.

While Aleste has been released, Eggy has been hit with the delay hammer - We assume Japan gets it next month instead. We don't think the MSX will be released on any non-Japanese Virtual Console - It was originally popular in a few countries (Mostly the Netherlands and Brazil), but most people probably have never heard of the thing, and it was pretty much completely ignored in the US. The system was notable for featuring the first Metal Gear game, however. You can read up on the system on Wikipedia.

Thanks to Chris Kohler from Wired for finding out about these special options and taking a picture - None of us have a Japanese Wii!